The Magic Begins

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Yo momma so fat the Sorting Hat put her in all four houses

Yo mamma so stupid, she thinks Sirius Black is the soul station on satellite radio

Yo mama’s so ugly the Dementor’s Kiss was swapped out for a hearty handshake and a promise to give her a call sometime.

Yo mama so nasty, Dobby wouldn’t take her sock

Yo momma so skanky, even her patronus got knocked up

Yo mama so stupid, she drowned in a pensieve

yo momma so dumb she thought that she could talk to snakes if she put parsley on her tongue

Yo mama’s so masculine, she makes Dumbledore go, “DAAAYYYUMM!”

yo mamma so nasty, every pair of her panties has the Dark Mark

your mom is so fat if she confronted a boggart it would morph into a treadmill

Yo mamma so fat, she has to enchant her panties into a portkey to get out of a chair

Yo mama so fat it takes two boggarts to shape-shift into her

yo mama so poor she went to Honeydukes and put a chocolate frog on layaway

Yo momma’s so fat she got stuck in the Floo Network

Yo momma’s so fat her wand is a Slim Jim

Yo’ Momma so fat she joined the Death Eaters ’cause she was hungry

Yo Momma’s so fugly that even Voldemort won’t speak her name

Yo Mamma is so fat that even the Dementors can’t suck out her soul in one sitting

Yo Mama so nasty, everybody call her “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Naked”

Yo momma so fat even her Quidditch robes have stretch marks

Yo momma's so fat the sorting hat assigned her to the House of Pancakes

Your momma so dumb, they put the Sorting Hat on her head and all it heard was an echo.

Your momma so fat, she looked in the mirror of Erised and saw a ham

Yo momma so old, there ain't an Age Line that can stop her.

your family's so poor that you make the weaseleys look like the Malfoy's!

Yo mamma so fat, she splinched herself an' nobody noticed.

Your mom is so ugly when she walked into Gringotts Wizarding Bank, they gave her a job application.

yo mama so ugly when she was born the doctor screamed "riddikulus"

Yo momma so ugly, no one can tell when she's an Animagus.

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